Learning Aids

To help you learn how to read and write English in the Musa alphabet, we offer a variety of learning aids. Use the one(s) you find most useful!

Shape Names

Here are the names for all the Musa shapes:

Picture Alphabet

Here are memorable images of all the Musa letters and numbers used for English:

Color Vowels

For those of you who are familiar with the (excellent) color vowel system, here is a chart of the vowel colors:

Vowel Nicknames

The color vowels are a great way to talk about the English vowel sounds when they're written in the Roman alphabet, where they don't each have their own letter. That's not a problem in Musa, but here's another aid: nicknames that help you associate vowel sounds with letter shapes. Each nickname includes the sound it represents, and hopefully also evokes the shape of the letter. Here are some hints:

Yawn depicts an open mouth.

Bobby represents the helmet of a London constable.

Arena and Diamond represent the unstressed vowels in the word.

Shield, Hoop, Vale and Bowl only occur in their long forms in English, with a following Long mark.

The bottom two rows show some nicknames used for consonants.

Letter Charts

Here are two simple charts of the English letters, suitable for printing.

 green silver golden wooden  blue
 gray red mustard, mocha  auburn  rose
 white black  almond olive  brown
 turquoise  beer  purple  gourd  fuchsia
 fire  pear  scarlet  orange  flour

peas appear tease attack cheese achieve keys accuse
sip sit switch sick
bob spill compass dad still mental heads judge denture gig skill conquer
above adopt birdseye adjust again
fluff thirtieth sauce sheepish
valve they zoos Asia
mom nun banking
we low roar you all
night-owl water oar high uh-oh

IPA Charts

Here are charts showing the correspondence between the IPA and Musa:

Color Digits

Here are all the Musa digits. The RGB color codes are available here.

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